Sea Raider Backglass Replacement

My Sea Raider had a lower backglass in seriously bad shape, and the upper backglass was scratched in the viewing port windows by someone probably trying to remove a sticker or something with a knife or scraper, so I figured I would replace them.

I found some posts on KLOV about a guy named Gary that reproduces them.   About the same time I found him listing an upper backglass repro on eBay.   I contacted Gary about the lower glass and he was able to reproduce both of them for me.   Here’s what my lower backglass looked like before…


Yes, someone painted the back with some kind of black spray.   I guess this was to stabilize the flaking paint, but look what it did to the look of the front!

It looked horrible on the game.


The lightbar arm has to come off and out to remove the “seascape”.  The motor assembly for the control the arm has to come out to remove the arm.   I removed the assembly, and then the lightbar arm by lifting it carefully up and out of the back/top of the cabinet.

IMG_8085 IMG_8089

Slide the target assembly straight out the bottom back by removing two screws that hold it in.  Don’t forget to unplug the connector first.


Remove the “sea scape” by removing at least 4 hex head screws at the top on the sides and at least 2 long round head screws at the bottom.  Be careful as the this assembly will fall/drop onto the jones plug connector at the bottom of the cabinet if you don’t support it.   The cabinet must be tilted forward about 45 degrees or more in order to slide the assembly out the bottom/back of the cabinet.  Also be careful because the sea scape material is brittle after more than 45 years.   Many of my staples that hold it to it’s wood frame were no longer holding the material to the frame as the material had cracked around them.


Now you have access to the two boards that hold the bottom backglass in.   While you’re here you might as well replace the blacklight, cause this is a pain in the butt to get this far!  Also, check your bulbs in your lightbar, because it has to come out to change them, so while it’s out, might as well make sure they all are working, and clean them…


Once the screws are out remove the two boards, and then the backglass.


Reassemble in reverse order.

Here’s what it looks like with the new backglasses.

IMG_8167 IMG_8171 IMG_8170

Ahhhh, much better…

See for more info.

7 thoughts on “Sea Raider Backglass Replacement

  1. Hi,
    Great looking machine! Can you tell me the cost of the reproduction artwork? Contact information of the artisan would also be greatly appreciated.

  2. Wow, awesome pictures and write-up Pete. Thanks for taking the time to document everything!

    I just picked up a Sea Raider and started restoring it. From looking at the schematics and online pictures, it appears mine is missing the Trigger Relay and armature for activating the Selector Unit. And there’s a pair of wires cut that I believe are supposed to go to it.

    Any thoughts on where I can get a replacement?

    • Hi, it may be tough to find replacements. I watch eBay typically when looking for something like this. You could post a message on KLOV or John’s Jukes has had some hard to find stuff as well

      If you can find the parts manual or schematic, it may have part #s for what’s missing and maybe you can search by those part #s

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