1991 Williams Slugfest

I really wanted a baseball game and I looked for a long time at all the various models that have been made over the years.   I like EM baseball games, but as I continued to look at them I realized that having a two player game with lots of extra features like multiple pitches, stealing bases, and some of the other fun stuff the ’91 William’s Slugfest has that that was really the machine for me.

I had to replace some of the buttons, and the lockdown bar decal, but other than that this machine just needed a through cleaning (as it had been in a pizza restaurant and and that oily grease from cooking tends to get on the surfaces and then collect dust/dirt.

One thing I did was to replace the under-playfield lamps for the “Double”.   Because these were a dark blue color, regular 555 light bulbs wouldn’t light as bright as the other playfield lights.   I ended up using 3 led bulbs which worked great!


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    • Hi,

      If you’ve got the card dispenser unit open, and have already loaded the cards, then you have to check the settings and make sure the card dispenser is turned on. I can’t remember the exact menu, but it’s not too hard to find.

      If you already have everything set up and activated, but the cards are not coming out (but you can hear it trying to eject the cards), one thing to check is the rubber bands that go around the cylinder that push the cards out. I’ve heard these can become brittle with age, and need to be replaced. A friend of mine used rubber o-rings (for plumbing use) to replace his.

      Hope this helps.

  1. hey there, im curious if you know which baseball cards were the originals that would have been in the game? and where could i buy some?? your machine looks great, i changed out the double bulbs as well

  2. HI, Where did you get the LED bulbs from? The ones I see on eBay dont have the little prongs like the ones that came out of my slugfest.

  3. Hey Peter, thanks for the great info! I recently just became the owner of the same machine (minus the card dispenser. I am looking for one now so if you happen to have any leads please let me know.) i am having the same issue with the “double” lights. they are just too dark. you mentioned that you replaced the bulbs with LED. i am somewhat a novice, as this is my first machine, but am very interested in making it as great of a quality machine as possible. my question to you is, was it hard to replace the bulbs for LED’s. please remember that i am still a novice and all of this would be new to me. The last thing i want to do is damage the machine. Thanks!

    • Hi Perry,

      Switching the lights is not hard at all. You just lift up the playfield, find the ones you want to replace, and you can remove the black light holder by twisting them about 1/4 turn and the pulling out. Here’s a picture under the playfield http://www.ipdb.org/showpic.pl?id=3281&picno=27255 The bulbs are mounted in these holders. They pull out and the new ones can be inserted. I believe they are 555 style bulbs. So if you look on some of the websites like cointaker that sell led lights, find some of the bright (i used 3 light) style bulbs, 555 style, and those should work fine. A friend found his card dispenser on ebay, I’d watch there – or post a wanted ad on pinside. I’ll keep my eyes open for you.


      • Thanks Pete! Last question….for now. did you use a white LED light to replace the double or a blue? i can see how either would work.

        thanks again,

        • I think I ended up using blue, but I did buy a few different colors to try out (I testing some of the other colors too, but ended up just replacing the blue/double with LEDs for now). I think I had bought a sample kit which had different colors and also different types (like different socket types, and different numbers of leds). That let me try a few different options until I found the one I liked.

          • Pete,

            Finished the update with all LED replacements, and i added some LED runners to both the grandstand section and the under the front plastic displays. It came out looking really nice. thank you for your suggestions. i also received some help from a local collector who i was able to connect with via pinside.

  4. Pete,

    Just got a card dispenser but i am having some issues figuring out what kind of tool is needed for the screws. it appears to either be a star shape or hex, but it seems to have a dimple in the middle. any idea if this is a standard tool, or one that was included with the machine or dispenser?


    • It might be torx security. I may be wrong, but I believe these are standard torx bits, but they have a concave indentation in the head of the bit, because the screw has a “post” sticking up in the middle. Does it look like this? If not, can you post a picture?

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