English Pub Style Bar

Building a bar

May 8th, 2011

I decided to update the bar in my home gameroom.    My old bar area was kinda funky, and I really wanted something that looked nice.   I decided on an English pub style bar.   Here’s some pictures that document the project.

This is what I had to start with when I bought the house.    


I have a friend who is a fantastic carpenter, and he agreed to build my bar for me.   His name is Pete Spruyt, here’s a link to his website. http://www.wix.com/petespruyt/spruytcustomwoodworking/photo-gallery

I was experimenting with layouts of the bar using blue painters tape.   There was a rectangular hole in the wall behind the bar where there was a “dorm” style fridge and a small wine fridge stacked one on top of the other.   These went through the wall into the furnace room, which really restricted access to one of the furnaces.   I decided to do away with this idea and put these appliances under the counter.   I had recessed a microwave into the same wall, which worked pretty good, but for appearance sake, I decided to hide this away in the new design.

Under Construction





Almost Complete!




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