2000 Sega Star Wars Racer Arcade


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A good deal presented itself on a “Star Wars Racer” game, so I jumped on it.   It was between this and a Need for Speed game, and the kids love Star Wars, so the Racer game it was.


This is the Mini-Deluxe model.   The Deluxe model is HUGE, HUGE, HUGE.   I’m glad I’ve got the mini model .  It’s about 7 feet long, about 6 feet tall, and about 3 feet wide and weighs about 500 pounds.   This game is a Pod Racer game from Star Wars Episode I.   This game has had the CRT replaced with a LG LCD monitor, and the power supply has been replaced by a computer power supply.   The game is in great cosmetic condition, as well as functionally.   It is a lot of fun to play.   This came from a Chuck-e-Cheese after they retired it.   It is HUGE, and heavy.   I rented a 14′ U-Haul to pick it up.  A friend purchased a basketball hoops game, and the two barely fit.   The seller helped me get it into the back of the truck with a fork-lift because we couldn’t get it off the dock into the back of the truck.   Another lesson learned, rent a full-size truck next time, with a proper height bed.    Anyway, we got it in the truck and home.   I’m going to have to disassemble this thing to move it down to the basement since it is so large and heavy.

There’s really not much work to do on this.   I had to drill out one of the locks to get into it.  It could use some cleaning, and a little touch up, and that will be about it.

Here’s some pictures of it.

IMG_7029 IMG_7030

There was one spot where the bracing was coming loose from the side of the game, probably due to some stress we put on it when loading it.   I was able to glue and clamp this and I suspect it will be good as new now.   Here’s a few of that, and inside the back.


Computer cageIMG_7025

Power supply IMG_7024

Subwoofer Amp IMG_7016

Main Speaker Amp IMG_7017

Pictures with additional detail for wiring.

It’s in the gameroom finally.


4 thoughts on “2000 Sega Star Wars Racer Arcade

  1. Did you do the LCD mod yourself? I’ve got a machine that needs the same fix, CRT high voltage supply is starting to cook. Any info you’d be willing to share? I’m mainly worried about they physical fit since the old monitor is 4:3 ratio and all the ones on shelves these days are 16:9. Looks like I may end up rolling my own screen bezel.

    • Hi Matt, no, I was lucky enough to get the game with the kit already fitted. That said, it’s just an LG TV. I can take some pictures of the back where it’s fitted if you want. From memory, it looked like it was just a standard 16:9 TV, and the kit was mainly just for mounting it securely. I don’t think the electronics were changed.

  2. Hello, I’m trying to bring a pod racer back to life. I’m wanting to replace the power supply but all the information is off the game. Can you tell me which one you used, and where I can order from?

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