Had to have a genuine Skee-Ball!  The whole family loves Skee-Ball.

Didn’t really need another project, so I got a good deal on a good Skee-Ball machine.

As shipped by STI/NAVL

IMG_5988 IMG_5987

This is a “Skee-Ball Classic Alley”, it’s modern, probably built in 2010, but designed like the classic Skee-Ball Alleys you’ve played since you were a kid.

This one is missing 5 balls, the remainder are those newer plastic balls.   They are just not the same as those old classic wooden balls.   The balls are reproduced and you can find them on eBay.   Apparently there is some debate whether the original balls where 3″ or 3 1/8″.   I ordered the 3 1/8″ balls from an ebay seller, and they are great.

The seller graciously broke down the machine for me for shipping.   I reassembled the two pieces, the nets, and the ticket dispenser.

These games are really well made, and a lot of fun!

IMG_5989 IMG_5990

I found replacement sand bags and numbers for the target board.   A couple of the numbers were coming off, and one of the numbers was missing.   The sand bag on the 50 point hole was gone, and the one on the 40 point hole had no sand left…  These were pretty easy fixes, but the targets have to come off to really do it right.   Here’s some pictures of the internal ball chute and sensors.

IMG_6002 IMG_5996 IMG_5998 IMG_5997 IMG_5999 IMG_6001

All set up and ready to play…

IMG_6006 IMG_6010

Skee Ball Service Manual


5 thoughts on “Skee-Ball

  1. I was just bouncing around on the net and found your site. Petes gameroom sounded cool enough to look at. I decided to write because I also procrastinated on sending in my gameroom photos. I just knew that I would be chosen as gameroom of the month too. So much for seeing my gameroom in print. Just thought i’d send you a line to let you know that there were others like you who said I’ll send pictures later. Oh by the way……nice gameroom.

    • Thanks! Too bad there aren’t more publications for the hobby, I really used to enjoy getting that magazine every month.

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