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Please feel free to look around.   Each link above contains information about arcade restoration projects along with some pictures of the work in progress.


Wonderland Arcade – Kansas City – Late 1940′s  – This is a bit before my time, but remember the feel of the arcades you used to visit as a kid?   For some reason I am driven to re-create this in my basement (which is the only part of my house my wife will allow these games to go… for now…)

Beaver-vu skating Rink

It’s kinda sad to see this happening all over the place.   The places we used to hang out as kids, the skating rinks, bowling alleys, arcades, are closing.   This is the skating rink where I was introduced to pinball, gun games,  pong, space invaders, astroids, missle command… ahhhh the good old days.

I grew up in Beavercreek Ohio and have some very fond memories of that area in the 1970s.   As I was looking for some information on the above skating rink, I came across a couple of websites, that if you are from this area, are kinda cool.

Beavercreek Nostalgia

Dayton History Books Online has some posts about Beavercreek and Beaver-vu Skate that are kinda fun.

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  1. I have a Chicago coin speedway game, mine is different from youres in that the car has a # 3 and is going the opposite direction. Any info would be greatly appreciated
    Thank you. Dennis 1405 650 6221

    • Hi Dennis,

      That is very different than mine. In the research I did when I got this game, I never ran across anything that went in the opposite direction. I did see some variation in the cabinet paint, and also with some of the decorations on the front, such as the steel bars that run down behind the accelerator, as well as the steel cage around the pedal.

      Do you actually “drive” towards yourself versus away from yourself?

      • What I ment too say is the car on the front glass is from right to left, I’m told it is a very early model, supposedly very few around ?
        I’V gotten the lights on and the round plastic wheel motor running,no movement in the score wheels though

  2. Hey Pete,
    Liked your restoration of the United Matador. I recently bought a similar model and I noticed my ball lift makes noise when a ball is not on the lift. How do you go about disassembling the ball lift chain, sprockets, the lifts and the motor? There are 2 copper pipes at the bottom of the motor is oil put in those and how much and how often?

    • Hi Tom,

      It has been a little while since I took it apart, but from my recollection, the chain has a link in it which is removable, and there is a spring clip on one side of that link that you remove, and then you can slide that link out of the chain. Once you have the chain off, you can then remove the motor and the bottom sprocket.

      The pipes are for oil. I check mine about once a year. I’m not sure if is a guideline for filling them, but I just put about 15-20 drops of oil in there. I think if you put too much it will leak all over the inside of your cabinet. I can see evidence of this happening in mine from prior owners.

      I didn’t have to disassemble my motor/gearbox as it all was operating ok, although I have seen instructions/videos on how to do this on Clay Harrel’s site and his TOP videos. http://www.pinrepair.com/em/index3.htm (search on gearbox on this page).

      Taking all this stuff apart wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, but cleaning it up was a pain. I wish I had used a better cleaner/degreaser. I had tried to use mean green which was just not a good enough solvent. I would recommend something with much better grease cutting properties. I would also recommend using Super Lube teflon gel lube instead of grease when you put it back together. It’s clear, not nearly as messy as grease, and the teflon will do a much better job of lubricating the parts.

      Hope that helps. What model bowler did you get? Is it 13 or 16 feet? Any chance you’d be willing to post a pic or two of it?


  3. Hey Pete,
    I have been trying to post a picture on your site but keep getting an error message and a box that tells me to contact the site administrator, I guess that’s you. Anyway my
    Aztec, is a 16 footer. I ended up removing all the ball lift parts. Left the chain together, just started with the top sprocket and worked my way down. I was hoping the occasional squeaking noise was in the chain, but it was coming out of the motor or gear box when I test ran it on my bench. Didn’t look like the gear box was meant to be serviced and was afraid to take it apart not being sure of what I was getting into. Put some oil in the copper tubes on the side of the motor. Cleaned up all the parts and chain and reassembled everything. It has gone away for now and is working as it should. No one I talk to seems to know how to or how much oil the motor needs. They start talking about a pulley belt, it has chain, through a hole in the bottom of the motor, no hole on the bottom. So I guess it is the 2 copper tubes on the side of the motor? The last picture I sent is from inside the cabinet and naturally half of the label regarding oiling is torn off. Do you know what the entire label says?

    • Hey Tom, thanks for the note. I’ll take a look and see if I can tell why the picture upload is failing. I would love to see a few pictures of your bowler. I’ll see if I have a label on my motor (for the oiling), I can’t remember seeing one, but I honestly wasn’t’ looking for one at the time…

  4. Dear Pete,

    just have read your description of your flying saucer. nice restoration project.
    I have mine now for 6 years and I still love to play.
    In your blog you mentioned that you have bought an new coil assembly for the gun recoil coil. can you tell me where I can buy this coil? mine is a little burned. I also still look for a electric diagram for this machine.
    Maybe yo can help me also with this.

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Adri,

      Your game looks great!

      The recoil assembly I got from pbresource.com (but I’m afraid I may have bought the last one – I still see some of those parts on their website, but not the whole assembly. These parts are listed on their “special when lit” page. I got the schematic from marcospecialties.com.

      Can I ask a question? Is your “start” button – the red one – metal or plastic? I’m trying to figure out what the original button type was.


  5. just found out, the button is made of plastic. I have checked the pbrecource site, do you know the number of the coil?
    do you maybe have the schematics digital?
    Maybe we can change some schematics.
    I have over 600 digital diagrams by now.

    • Hi Jim,

      Other than finding used ones on eBay, Pinside, or craigslist – bgresto.com is the only other source I’ve used. I don’t see black hole on their list, but it’s worth contacting them to see if they can do one for you. I’ve used them numerous times and they always do a great job!


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